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Certainteed Smooth Lap weatherboard siding gives a home an authentically traditional look, similar that homes with handcrafted wood siding. While very nice on homes that once had real wood siding, the look works well on newer homes too. This is a very durable siding that is Energy Star rated, fire resistant and holds up well to wind.

Our Certainteed Smooth Lap fiber cement siding price quote is designed to help you decide if this is the right siding for your home. The information here will also help you compare fiber cement siding prices with other brands we review.

Top Features of Certainteed Smooth Lap Fiber Cement Siding

The top reason homeowners choose this product is its performance features. It is extremely durable, backed by a 50-year prorated warranty. The Certainteed Smooth Lap weatherboard won’t burn and it holds up well to all types of weather, insects and other threats to natural wood. It is also Energy Star rated and very eco-friendly, a huge plus for those who want to use less energy and reduce energy bills.

Secondly, those who choose Certainteed Smooth Lap fiber cement do so for the outstanding aesthetics. The Smooth texture is reminiscent of 19th Century hand-worked wood siding. This product is made in 16 solid colors and 6 wood stain hues.

Choose from options like Antique White, Coastal Blue, Autumn Red, Heritage Clay, Olive, Pewter, Wicker and Merino Tan. If you don’t find just the right color, get this Certainteed weatherboard product in a primed finish and paint it any color you like.

Certainteed Smooth Lap Weatherboard Siding Price

This is pricey siding, but not all that expensive when compared with top-notch vinyl siding, stone, brick and other high-quality home siding options.

The Certainteed Smooth Lap fiber cement siding price is $180-$200 for the premium colors and $125-$130 for primed weatherboard. That means, for a 2,000 square foot ranch-style home you’ll pay $4,000-$4,500 when trim and accessories are included. For a 2,000 square foot 2-story, the total cost for materials will be closer to $5,500.

Is Certainteed Smooth Lap Fiber Cement Siding Worth the Cost?

Certainteed Weatherboard is a long-lasting siding plus it offers up to 80% return on investment if you decide to sell. So, whether you are in your home for just a few more years or plan to stay there indefinitely, the Certainteed Smooth Lap fiber cement siding is a cost-effective choice.

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