Certainteed Monogram 46 Vinyl Siding Review



The very popular Monogram 46 siding comes in 35+ siding and trim colors in 3 different profiles. Considered a heavy-gauge siding, it offers excellent wind resistance and durability. The style and the color give you versatile design options that look good on a wide range of home types.

This Certainteed Monogram 46 vinyl siding review gives you details you can use to evaluate this product and compare it with others we cover in our vinyl siding reviews. We include siding prices too, so you can compare siding head to head in all the important details.

Basic Specifications for Certainteed Monogram 46 Vinyl Siding

As noted, this is a heavier siding, with a .046” thickness. It is built with Certainteed’s RigidForm 220 technology and holds up to wind load pressures of 220 MPH.

Each piece is 12” in length with 10” exposure. There are 10 pieces per square and this product is typically sold in 2-square boxes. All types of trim pieces are also available.

There are 3 different profiles for the Certainteed Monogram 46 siding: Double 4” Clapboard; Double 5” Clapboard and Double 5” Dutchlap. The panel projection is 3/4″.

Pros and Cons of Certainteed Monogram 46 Vinyl Siding

Here’s a look at the strengths and weaknesses of this material that will help you compare it with other siding products you are considering.
Pros: The main benefits of this material are its hardy construction and the variety of colors. As for its strength, it’s a good choice for those who live where high winds are a regular part of the weather pattern.
In terms of variety, Certainteed offers the Monogram 46 vinyl in 33 low-gloss solid colors and 8 low-gloss textured wood colors. There are a total of 40 coordinating trim colors from which to choose.

The result is a vinyl siding that looks good on traditional homes, apartments and condos, beach houses, outbuildings and even homes with modern design. Finally, Certainteed offers a lifetime limited warranty on the Certainteed Monogram 46 siding.

Cons: There are few complaints about this product, though it does come at a slightly higher cost than similar products. You pay a small premium for Certainteed, but the company annually has one of the top service records in the industry and customer satisfaction for this product is very high.

The Certainteed Monogram 46 vinyl siding price is $145-$170 per square plus needed accessories like J-channel and starter strip. The cost, therefore, for a typical 2,000 square foot ranch home would be $3,400-$3,800 for the material, and $3,700-4,550 for a typical 2,000 square foot 2-story home.

Who Should Consider Certainteed Monogram 46 Vinyl Siding?

If you’re shopping for a top of the line standard vinyl siding, this is it. It’s not a high-end premium vinyl siding, so the cost is more affordable. For an attractive and durable vinyl siding that will give you 25+ years of service, the Certainteed Monogram 46 vinyl siding should meet or exceed your expectations.

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