Certainteed Carolina Beaded Vinyl Siding Review



Certainteed Carolina Beaded looks like traditional hand-worked boards from the 19th century. This authentic styling uses a deep V-groove above the rounded bead to give depth, shadow and character to each panel. The result is the look hand-crafted wood siding that has been freshly painted with a low-gloss finish.

This Certainteed Carolina Beaded vinyl siding review gives you details you can use to make an informed decision about this siding. See all our vinyl siding reviews for comparable products you might want to compare with this one.

Basic Specifications for Carolina Beaded Vinyl Siding

The thickness of this Certainteed vinyl siding is a standard .044”. Each panel has a 3/4″ projection. The pieces are 12’ 4” long x 6.5” wide, with a full 6.5” exposure. There are 15 pieces to the square, and Certainteed sells them in 2-square cartons. The surface finish is a brushed-paint textured vinyl.

Pros and Cons of Certainteed Carolina Beaded Vinyl Siding

How does this vinyl siding stack up against the competition?  Here’s a look at its strengths and weaknesses.

Pros: There’s a lot to like about the Carolina Beaded siding. The look is very appealing. Rather than have the heavy woodgrain texturing that most siding uses, the texture is softer, though not smooth, like high-quality paint over natural wood.

The siding is offered in 14 different colors with some of the more popular being Silver Ash, Savannah Wicker, Light Maple, Oxford Blue, Colonial White, Snow and Granite Gray. All the colors are quite traditional in keeping with the authentic crafted look of the siding.

If you plan to install this vinyl siding yourself, you’ll appreciate the stud finder design that allows you to find studs more quickly and waste fewer fasteners.

This siding is priced reasonably, given its unique beaded design. We include vinyl siding prices in every review, so you’ve got all the pertinent data to make your decision. The Certainteed Carolina Beaded vinyl siding price is $140-$160 per square for the siding. Needed accessories like J channel and trim are extra.

For totals, materials for a 2,000 square foot ranch-style home will be $3,100-$3,500. For a 2,000 sq. ft. 2-story the cost for materials will be $3,800-$4,300.

Cons: This is a .044” thick siding, which is good, but not great. If you’re looking for extra strength and durability, consider a .046” siding. The Carolina Beaded vinyl siding should hold up well for 20-30 years depending on climate and weather conditions where you live.

Who Should Consider Certainteed Carolina Beaded Vinyl Siding?

This siding looks great on homes with traditional or Victorian architecture. It goes well on apartments, townhouses and commercial buildings too. Get a close look at the beaded design when you can, and if it appeals to you, you’ll love the effect when it’s used on an entire home. For a quality, affordable siding from the industry’s leading manufacturer, you will get great aesthetics and good performance from the Certainteed Carolina Beaded vinyl siding.

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